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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

start 2006 with a pitch booking...  

now that i'm done with training i can start getting more pitch bookings for us... got a pitch booking at delta on a sat at a gd timing as well... wat a way to start the year... whoop...

Pitch: Delta
Date: 28 Jan 2006(saturday)
Time: 3.30pm-6pm
Price: $4 per head playing

to make sure everyone pays and there is no more arguments abt paying... capts of the juniors pls collect $$$ from those playing b4 that actual day. pass me the cash before the matches starts... the seniors pls pay me at the day of the booking so come a bit earlier... those not willing to part with $4 pls don come... will remind u guys when the day draws closer... spread the word pls...

faizalthemat, 12:35 AM

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

no booking  

For all u ppl who might have heard from me that i was trying to get a pitch booking on either 6 august or 13 august... well i couldnt get it... so there is no pitch booking... there will be one soon.. either end of august or in sept holiday... i'll update u ppl as soon as i get the booking...

faizalthemat, 12:13 AM

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Post Booking: 9/07/2005  

Glad to announce that today's booking went really well... Managed to get enuf ppl for the guys and gerls to play diff games... other than a little lump on my leg and some minor accidents no fights broke out and no one got seriously injured... hope everyone had fun...

To address some money issues... there are some issues concerning the money collected today with the present Guys team... I better clear this before ppl start thinking i booking this pitches as some business venture or something...

for the first pitch booking:
it was a holiday and the cost went up to abt $160 dollars for the 2 hours... we barely covered the cost although everyone paid $5 each...

2nd booking(today's booking):
total cost of pitch and water:$129.80
money collected(counted and confirmed by hafashah-guys capt):$140
balance: $10.20...

i am recording the balance starting from today to show proof that i am not keeping the balance money... and regarding the money miss chua is supposed to pass me... she did mention to me once that she will be passing me some money for the alumni hockey thingi... but i have not received money from her because we are obviously quite busy with our jobs... i haven had time to meet her and discuss abt the money but i will try to find time... pls let me pass out first... i'm still in training at Police academy and i'm quite busy... miss chua is also quite busy preparing the J2s for their A's this year... so its hard to settle this now... i hope u guys will understand... i am looking at sat 6/8/2005 for the next pitch booking... will see if i can get a boking on that day...

faizalthemat, 7:55 PM

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

confirmed pitch booking...  

2nd pitch booking is now confirmed...

Where: Delta hockey pitch
When: 9 July(Sat) 11.00 am to 1.00pm be there like by 10.30 or something

$5 per playing head...

sry i cant get better timing... its gonna be hot, very hot... worse than the last one i think... pls spread the word around...

faizalthemat, 10:08 PM

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

next pitch booking...  

hey peeps... i am trying to plan a second pitch booking... i am thinking of sat 4th of june... how abt that??? pls gimme feedback on this date... especially the ppl who are having exams after the june holidays...

and congrats to the gerls for making the semis... wat a great job ppl...

faizalthemat, 1:36 AM

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Updates on A Div so far..  

Girls Hockey:
PJC 1 - 0 TPJC
PJC 2 - 2 JJC
PJC 1 - 0 ACJC

Guys Hockey:
PJC 2 - 0 TPJC
PJC 5 - 0 YJC
PJC 2 - 0 TJC

Good going people.. :)

loi, 1:41 AM

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

first pitch...  

We had our first pitch booking just now... I think we had almost 30 ppl... it went quite smoothly without any fights or anything... but i need some feedback before i book the next session which should be next month... i also need someone to help me create some form of contact list of all the hockers so i can contact ppl more easily for the next session... maybe some pes C ppl who are slacking thru ns... haha... good luck ppl for ur games next week... remember the semi finals target...

faizalthemat, 8:30 PM

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Saturday, April 30, 2005

some update...  

ok some update on the teams this year... doing super well for the guys by winning their first 2 games... 2-0 agains tp and 5-0 against yj... keep up the good work... the gerls so far, i only found out that they won tp 1-0(i think)... things seem to be going well for both teams... keep up the good work... the knock around this sunday... don forget abt it... 10-12 in morning at delta... lets hope our first alumni gathering is a success... there should be more to come...

faizalthemat, 12:24 AM

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Update on the booking on !st may(Sunday)  

Sry for the sudden change but the pitch booking is now at 10am to noon and not 1 -3pm... it is confirmed and pls get $5 rdy on that day...

Venue: Delta
Time: 10am(be there by 9 30 so can start early)
Date:1st may(Sunday)

faizalthemat, 12:05 AM

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

So May 1st Sun Pitch Booking  


Sun May 1st
Delta(yes i got delta)
1-3pm(yes its gonna be hot)

i need to collect the money between 22nd and 24th... need to go settle the bill if not we will lose the booking... it cost is like $130... i think $5 each would be sufficient... so pls... i'll msg u guys once i book out from camp... so try get the money ready by then... hehe...

today src carnival... update on the team... both guys team made it to quarters... the gerls made it to semis... congrats ppl...

faizalthemat, 10:01 PM

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

So far...  

Hmmm... response for the hit around thing is quite ok... i'll go down to ccab tomorrow to see if i can get the booking and the time i can get it... a 2hr booking should sufficient i suppose... will update u ppl soon...

The teams played nj today... sorry if my umpiring wasnt up to mark but i tried... hehe... the guys won 1 - 0 but the gerls lost to a similar score... work harder ppl tournament coming soon...

faizalthemat, 10:43 PM

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Monday, April 04, 2005

first alumni event...  

Hey... lets get it started ah... we might as well have a get together soon if this alumni thing is to work out... how abt we alumni ppl chip in a bit to maybe get a 2 hr pitch booking oh a week end in may or something??? maybe labour day perhaps??? just to have a friendly knock around session... then we can go catch a movie or something??? anyone interested pls msg or mail me or something??? faizalthemat@yahoo.com or faizalthemat_13@hotmail.com(msn)... lets hope this works...

faizalthemat, 11:16 PM

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Friday, April 01, 2005


Yeah well, finally decided to move my butt on this, and since the little juniors have forsaken this place, we're taking over. For what reason, I'm still not too sure yet.

So, first up on the agenda. Hello Eueu I know you're still in the possession of two hundred dollars, so before we all REALLY forget about it, hehe, let's go do something about the moolah.

Ideas, anyone?
We can:
- Spend it all on Swensons icecream and stuff ourselves silly
- Buy approximately 6.66 pairs of hockey socks for each girl
- Just eat SOMETHING
- Go book our own pitch and have a little party there
- Dump it all in a bank and wait till it collects enough interest so that we can do something really worthwhile -- although that would probably take about 300 years or so.

I'm too lazy to put a tag board on, and I don't know what our cute little juniors have done to the old one, but feel free to comment below. OR POST!

Rah, byebye.

loi, 1:00 AM

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

alumni for pj hockey...  

There is a suggestion for an alumni hockey for pj... for us seniors to have updates on the team and if got enough ppl around maybe we can book pitches for hit arounds... i think i can try get guys contacts for the earlier batches but gerls need someone else to get... any volunteers???

Anyway, the tournament gonna start soon... feel free to go and give support to the teams if u have time... i'll post the fixtures as soon as i get it... gd luck ppl... remember, the semis is ur target(i think)... work hard...

faizalthemat, 8:44 PM

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Friday, March 18, 2005




pjc, 9:20 PM

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


T shirt design. Jammy if you need the file tell me i'll send it to you cos I think they might have resized this.

loi, 3:10 PM

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Saturday, February 19, 2005


we need to more hard working already..
from monday on wards, we are conducting daily morning jogs before sch..
time : 6.15am
venue : meet at grandstand
end : 7am den head to the showers ..

pjc, 10:00 PM

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Thursday, February 10, 2005


I remembered the login and password again!!! woot!

Anyhows, the hockey shirt design is up. Its a skull motif with hockey sticks as the crossbones for those of you who are unimaginative. The logo should should be either Hit and Run or Life is Short, Hit Hard.

The designs are tentative and anyone is free to express their support or displeasure. Please come find me, Jamie to see the design okay? I promise i won't scold you pungsai if you don't like it. And please don't wait until the shirt has been made then complain alright?

Thanks =)

pjc, 11:49 PM

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heloo. ah similarly, anyone is welcomed to change or edit the blog template/design. You can get the login ID and password from jamie,loi, foo keat or huiwen. Thank you!

inXTC, 12:39 PM

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


match report : pjc 0 jwss eagles 0 we reached there 90 minutes early, and we were all hungry, so we decided to scout around for a canteen..and the food there is dirt cheap! beef steak for $2.90 .. chicken cutlet..$2.90..ban mian $2.. ice milo 40c only. 30mins to match. dont care. we ate like no tmr...haha we got carried away with our meals and we reached there..just in the nick of time. k back to the match

i don have to say this. its plain obvious. it was the best match we ever played. defence was rock solid and they had no penetrations..no threat. their attacking prowess was overshadowed by our physical and disiciplined performance. however, hats off to adi, who made a series of astounding saves to kept us in the game. we had a 2 very close attempts on goal. sadly, mother luck wasnt smiling at us...blabla. the final whistle blew and pjchockey lived, to fight another day. 0-0. great work lads.

things to work on

1. reduce the number of short corners conceded

pjc, 9:48 AM

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Thursday, February 03, 2005


gals' friendly match with SAJC on Monday 14th Feb at the NTU pitch, 6pm (bus leaves pjc at 5pm)
we beat them last year, let's do it again this year alright!

inXTC, 11:38 PM

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Monday, January 31, 2005


Yay! I FINALLY remembered the password!
Hello its your utterly useless creative director here!

Erm, i was supposed to do a write up on the NUS match. Sorry im late.

Anyhows last week, was it last week?
Urm i think it was 21st Jan, that friday that was a holiday.

Anyways, we, pjc hockey girls won the match 3-0. The first match we've ever won this year!!! =)

Urms, we score two goals during the first half and we were attacking most of the time. Eh..i scored the first goal 'cause the keeper was careless. Swept it in from the side. The 2nd goal was scored by Lee Ee Perng ( i just made u famous, u owe me =) ), a quick smart rebound from a ball that the keeper saved. Very niiiceeee.

The second half wasn't played as well, but we still however managed to score one more goal. Nus started attacking more but our defence was on form that day. And Lee Eee Perng once again scored us one more goal! Tiffany Koh shot the ball in from the side and Eee Perng wasted no time in deflecting it in.

All in all good job girls and yay!!

Im sorry this is so bad yeah...

pjc, 1:17 AM

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

match report : pjc vs mi  

ft score : pjc 0 mi 1 having been destroyed 0-3 at the hands of mi on their last meeting, we were more cautious about their abilities this time round. there were a number of absentees so we were kinda depleted in terms of squad depth. the bus ride was a rather quiet one, without the usual satay banter. cus this time the match wasnt a friendly, it was more than tt. it's time for revenge. we got a surprise later on with the appearance of the entire tpjc hockey squad. 2 points : 1, they are in the same grp as us. 2, we were worried we were going to annihilated infront of them by m.i .. haha. so there was really very little margin of any cock ups! we started of well with the midfield trio of Rovin, Fariz, Keat spraying some neat passes around the half. the new-look defence captained by Kai, consisted of Shunting, Daryl and Kenny. The defence was rock solid and it was evident to the MI strikeforce that they were goin to be in for a bad bad day at the office. lacking tooth and gusto, their attack was like a watergun against an impregnable fortress. elsewhere, the forwards were all doing their part as well, making lots of useful runs down the flanks, opening up play. Baoloon produced an awesome individual effort down the left flank, shrugging off the challenges of not 1, but 3 hapless defenders. but he sadly lost control of the ball as he reached the byline of the D. nicetry. however, due to a slight miscommunication in the defence midway during the 2nd half, mi scored through their no.77..who has been a constant threat in the rather solid defence all day. however, that goal, compared to our proud performance today, is just a minor blip on the score sheet. =) after that we had our first post-match briefing, and it was a constructive one with almost everyone giving their own 2cents worth, thanks guys. xx summary of post-match briefing 1. wingers should always seek to open up play by moving to the extreme sides of the pitch 2. more communication amongst the midfielders and defenders 3. next tuesday meet at 6.30am at the grandstand for our morning canal jog 4. there will be a second trial this friday in school at 3pm..training will start at 5pm ( not compulsory) okay tts all for tonight pple..manchester vs chelsea next at 3.30am .. tts 3 more hours...yawn..... -keat

pjc, 11:38 PM

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


blogger sucks man. the entire entry on today's trials just evaporated into thin air. arrrgh.

ok, anyway. it was a rather positive turnout for the girls' trials, we taught them the basics of stick handling, pushing and stopping before proceeding on to a 5v5 match. Most of them has never had any previous experience in hockey but some are potentially good players. Will be looking forward to training with the new J1s :)

guys r having a friendly with MI tmr.. good luck and satay!


there was an unexpectedly gd turnout for the guys trials, considerin the fact that no announcements were made during asssemblies. like the girls, they were taught how to hold a stick and receive a ball..and their match awareness and skills were put to the test during matches of 6v6. thought most of them got no experience in hockey, they picked up the basics really quick thanks to the patient coaching of the seniors. hmm to sum it up, the future looks to be in gd hands =) thanks for coming pple

inXTC, 11:31 PM

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Match Preview : PJC vs MI  

we will be playing millenium institute tmr at delta ..time is 3pm. okay i noe we lost to them 0-3 before. but its BEFORE. HISTORY. PASSE. lets not get intimidated by tt scoreline .. ok guys?
may the sticks be with us...

pjc, 10:03 PM

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are you guys going to kick me out of here? :( -gives puppyeyedlook-

heh anyway how did hockey trials go?
good ones?
bad ones?
pretty ones?

loi, 4:55 PM

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Monday, January 24, 2005


tagboard's gone bonkers and has been replaced with doodleboard, happy tagging! (:

inXTC, 10:50 PM

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Sunday, January 23, 2005


NTU Pitch

FT Score : pjc 0 jwss 3

This game was over as soon as JWSS moved serenely into a 3-0 lead but the credit goes to the pjc guys team for battling it out til their last drop of sweat ( ok thats a cliche, but hahaha ) In fact, the score line really is but a disguise of the fluid performance by the guys team. Fielding a side featuring a depleted defence and an sunil-absent side, PJC still managed to put in a decent show for the world to see.
From one to eleven, thisPJC side matched their depth against a powerful and technically gifted JWSS side that was incessantly frustrated as waves after waves of their attacks and probings collapsed in midfield by the physical approach of the pjc guys team.
Employing a system with a packed midfield and 3 forwards, their plan to frustrate and snuff out the B divs champions was smart, and they accomplished that to great effect. it's still the early days of the pre-season and one player quoted " hats off to them for their awe inspiring win but really we should be more organised in the final third of the pitch and be more clinical in our attacking play"

pjc, 10:50 PM

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Friday, January 21, 2005


wheeee guys and gals played against the NUS teams this morning and we both won!
muaahahaha updates on the game later

inXTC, 10:30 PM

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


allrrrrights hay everyone. finally an update *grins
Anyway the guys had a friendly with JWSS last friday (14th Jan) at NTU and the girls with St Nics today at Delta :) Fixtures for this year's tournament are out already.. We have just a couple of months more to train so everyone work hard and give in your 130% okay?

Btw, for those who dont know, Fookeat has created a friendster account for pj hockey, if u havent added, the email add is pjchockey@walla.com

Selection trials for the jc1s will be on the 25th Jan, Tuesday from 3-5pm.. Please go down to help out if you don't have any lessons k...

That's all folks cya all next training!


pjc, 8:40 PM

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Sunday, November 07, 2004


you buggers are so lazy its unbelievable.

my msn is loiiii[AT]gmail[DOT]com

ok? anyway promos results are out i hope all of you did fine.

J2s!!!!!!!!!! chem is in ONE DAY and i know for a fact that ALL(the girls la) of you take chem except me so -GRINS- good luck while you guys are furiously scribbling away i shall be at home sleeping and wishing you guys luck :)

good luck everyone, its the proverbial last lap, lets just go for it and make pjchockey proud! after As lets go to the beach together! and theres the chalet to look forward too, and er so much more! :D

happy mugging :)

loi, 2:39 AM

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Friday, July 16, 2004


Hi pioneers,
Tomorrow will be my official last day in Pjc. I will be going to study in NIE as of next week.
It has been a great year with all of u, seeing u all train and play in the A div.Great to see many of u being so passionate for this game. It has also been a joy to see both the teams being rewarded with trophies and medals. Do keep the passion for the game =) and continue to strive to improve your skills. I hope that u guys will strive hard to be in the Top 3 of the A div next yr.

Continue to be closely bonded to one another and support one another whether it is in the game (playing hockey) or outside the game (studying etc). Such bonds and memories built are yours to cherish and no one can ever take them away. =)

Do encourage one another to study hard, for those who are taking their A Levels this yr, i wish u all the best.

If God permits, perhaps we'll be able to meet one another near the NTU/NIE pitch =)

A meaning quote i saw at the MRT stations... sth for u to remember..

All the best and God bless...

Ms Wong

pjc, 12:32 AM

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004


urmph..hello, Jamie here haha. Ah..Loi has graduated frm pj hockey so now I haf to do this thing i guess..mprh.Yeh, daryl u oso gotta look after this webbie yeh? Ok la niwae abt the new hockey shirts? After mid yr exams can u hockers help 2 think of a design? Guys and girls..anyone's ideas are welcome. Thanks! -Jamie

pjc, 1:19 AM

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Sunday, June 13, 2004


now that we're(the j2s) all officially booted out of hockey, someone has to go take over this eh?

any takers?

loi, 2:42 PM

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Thursday, May 27, 2004


hi all,

ms wong and myself have booked a FuNkY location all to ourselves for a first (and final) jc1/jc2 tea to celebrate the closing of another season and the beginning of the next!

Here are the details and the date:

9th June (Weds)
Olive Bistro at International Business Park

(near the Chevrons -- where the bowling team go for their training, even nearer to Creative Technology building, if still dunno - then nearest landmark i can think of is IMM)

the food is good (come with empty stomach for tantalising cakes, handy pizzas, steaming pies, and free flow of soft drinks), the place is big, and they are giving us a good price, cause they know most of us are students.

YES!!! this is where all registered girls and guys team players get a TREAT! yummy *beats macDs last year lah*

YES!!!! non registered JC1s only have to pay a low low price of $7 to enjoy a tasteful afternoon with our esteemed seniors. Loi and Nas can help facilitate collection of $? thanks!

YES!!!!! this is where we get to select the NEW CAPTAIN, VICE CAPTAIN & COMMITTEE TO TAKE OVER THE REINS FOR 2004/2005!

:) :) :) !!!!!!!!!!! YES !!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

:) ms chua :)

pjc, 1:19 PM

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004



loi, 9:56 PM

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

girls hockey pics against SAjc up  

hey babes! one and all.. i've uploaded the pics frm the SA game up already. go take a look yah. here

take care of your health! and get ready for this thurs's game!!!!!!! ;)

-the voiceless eugenia

pjc, 11:49 AM

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Thursday, April 29, 2004


hey everyone,

updates: next wk pitch training is 4th n 5th frm 6-8pm NIE/NTU. Thurs NO pitch okay? bus provided both days. if you do'nt want a bus on wed 5th let me know!

to the guys -- u know what the competition is like... psyche urselves up for the coming MI match.... expect a physically tough game as well.

to the girls -- heard you guys fought hard. don't give up. there is still at chance at the 5th placing (actually even 4th! if some team manages to beat either ac or rj) THE BALL IS ROUND. sometimes it for us, other times... it just hits our shins. but stay tough. play with pride and positivity. STILL doing good gals.

ms chua

pjc, 5:23 PM

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Sunday, April 11, 2004


yippee new calendar.
anyway, work hard everyone!! and if possible, come down to support every game possible, be it guys or girls match.. okay? :)

we're a whole big family team yay =D

see ya! -irons face- (*smirks at tiff. heh)

loi, 8:54 PM

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Wednesday, March 31, 2004


heya peeps!!

anyways, dis is for the gals only:
friendly wif VJC next sat(1104) at CCAB, from 2-3pm.

dis is a rare opportunity and i do hope you gals will all be present for the game. most imptly, turn up for trg too!! we haven't got much time.. -counts- THREE miserable wks left actually, soo.. we'd better make full use of the time we have left if we wish to get to where we yearn to. i really really really really really really really wanna get far, and i believe we have the means to, as long as we keep trying as a team. alright, i'm beginning to wonder who wld even be reading dis, but bleah. juz hope you all noe where i'm coming from.

yeahh, soo.. see ya all soon!!
-crumples face-

-- #tiffy#

tiff, 11:22 PM

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004


team pjc
here's to everyone -- i hope everyone's happy now.
cheers. :)

loi, 12:24 AM

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Monday, March 08, 2004


GP Common Test & Hockey
hi all
sorry i only just realised that you guys had GP common test this friday. i do realise that a pitch booking and friendly may not be the best thing to do the night before.
however, now u guys know there is a friendly on thursday (and you always knew about the pitch booking, since feb), you may want to think about how you are going to manage ur time from now till friday morning

some tips for GP. please don't mug on content all night on thursday (PLEASE!!). it doesn't work like that. it's much much more important to create an environment where you are mentally sharp and are able to think critically about issues posed to you, putting the issues/questions posed thru specific analytical frameworks (eg- global, regional, national, family, the individual) so everytime a question is posed you put it thru these frameworks. if you have content, well and good - but again, it's more important to demonstrate ur critical thinking skills in the exam.

Content memorisation should NOT start the night before - more important to get rest rest rest rest rest so you can think think think think think HARD and LONG.

please do these few things:
1) do not go out to eat as a team after the friendly - go straight home and get ur mom or whoever to make dinner for you -- u may then eat dinner and work abit, or just get into the right frame of mind for the morning's paper - don't stress urself, but psyche urself (there is a difference) -- stay POSITIVE.

2) take a warm shower - helps ur muscles relax and generally mimics the cooling down of the body just before it drops off to sleep.

3) get enough REST - this varies from individual to individual, but 7-8hrs is expected before sitting for a paper of this nature.

this may be hockey season, but you guys are in JC to study - take every preparation for a As as the real thing and be serious in ur attitude towards it. :)

spread news to the guys team as well. thanks.
ms chua

pjc, 10:38 PM

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Pitch Trainings  

Hi all,
just got a last minute confirmation from NIE. We will have pitch trainings THIS THURSDAY as well as NEXT THURSDAY from 6pm to 8.45 pm. The bus will be coming at 5.30pm, so those who finish lessons early, pls get changed before boarding the bus so that we can start our training as soon as possible. OKie? See you all later =)

Ms Wong

pjc, 12:05 PM

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Thursday, February 26, 2004


hi gals, i just just just got an email from mrs wee, and she promised to give the girls and guys team a treat IF: girls- top 5 and guys - top 6. If you add in mine and ms wong's - that's 3 treats for each team if you hit or (better still) exceed the target. don't immediately exclude your aim for the semis -- keep that as your ultimate goal yeah? the ball is round!!!

hope that this is enough motivation for you gals! it sure gives ME a buzz!!! keep positive and give ur 100% for the saturday morning trainings - after May, even if you wanted to put in the effort it will be too late. this is the beginning of the final push to the finish. let's finish well as a team yeah? :)

take cares, and see you this saturday 915am.
ms chua

pjc, 10:58 PM

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Friday, February 20, 2004


heyaa one and all!!!

i wonder if anyone in the team still visits dis, but anyways, the friendly wif SA on sat is off, alright?

and i'll be going down on either fri or sat to have the printings of the tees finalised, yes? it'd prob be ready in abt 2 wks or so. thanks agn for all your co-operation wif all tt last min size-ings and blah. thanks oli!!

meanwhile, have fun at the OC, whoever's attending it. after OC will be a whole new beginning for the whole team. time ain't on our side, so i think we'd all better be prepared for more strenuous trgs, not forgetting work too.


-- #tiffy#

tiff, 12:44 AM

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Floorball game  

Hi girls and boys(if there are any here),
remember the floorball match i was telling u all about? It's on this sunday, at 4pm at NUS SRC old gym (hall). If you would like to see what a floorball game is about, pls feel free to drop by ya? My team will be playing against Millennia Institute (the first team). Meanwhile, do take care and drink lots of water =)

Ms Wong

pjc, 11:19 PM

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

cancellation of 19th pitch  

hi gals, just to inform you that next week's pitch training has been cancelled. they called to say they would like other schools have a chance to use the pitch. so --

next week training will be on monday 16th and wednesday 18th. okay? thurs is the day b4 opening. we all need a break!!

ms chua

p/s: yeah. you gals are in ALOT of the video footage -- presently -- it's still undergoing editing. they haven't put in the hockey game yet, even! so no chance to see loi missing balls! hahahah!!!

pjc, 10:35 AM

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Sunday, February 08, 2004


empty empty. -frown-

loi, 3:07 PM

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Monday, February 02, 2004


good game on saturday yayy :)

loi, 7:39 PM

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Friday, January 30, 2004


friendly game against AJC tmr (sat 31 Jan 2004)
be down BY 10.30am
game starts at 11am. ends at 1pm

wear white hockey shirt (if don't have then at least any white shirt)
black socks (or dark blue socks wld do too)

see ya girls! get ready to kickass!!!
sleep early.

pjc, 5:52 PM

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

$$ matters  

Protection Money due by Wednesday, please pay up $4 to me or risk having your life endangered (no money no protection).

-Your friendly neighbourhood extortionist (Minister of Finance)

loi, 12:12 AM

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Saturday, January 24, 2004


hi girls! you all should know that training starts this monday!
warm ups start at 5.30pm. see you.

pjc, 12:37 PM

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004


There can be miracles,
When you believe..
Though hope is frail,
It's hard to kill-
Who knows what miracles,
You can achieve..
When you believe -- somehow you will,
You will when you, believe.

i hope you all know what im getting at eh.. :)

loi, 6:32 PM

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gong xi fa caiiiiiiiiiiiii
when you get all your angpao money, leave some aside for the [almost non existant] hockey fund. heh. we need to redo the hockey board.. and also to buy presents or cards for the poor forgotten birthday girls -coughs-tiff-coughs- hahahaha..

anyway tiffy why are you always crumpling your face? hehehehhehhe.. next time we straighten okie? teeheehee.


loi, 5:04 PM

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heya gals!!

i do believe i forgot to tell you gals tt i uploaded the photos of the Crescent Hockey Carnival soo.. i added my album addy into the links: eye soreS.

enjoy! and happy chinese nooooooo yrr!!!!!
pSsSsstt!!! -crumples face-

-- #tiffy#

tiff, 2:44 PM

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Sunday, January 18, 2004


eugenia is too lazy to get her butt on to blogger, so she's delegated me the job of the Messenger(naah, not the msn one.). i'm supposed to tell you guys this : there's training on Monday in school, same time same place. i heard santa will be making a late appearance, so try to be there. :)


note*] oh anyway girls dont CALL my 96343057 line anymore.. the other one okay(free incoming..!).. get it from me one day..

loi, 12:17 AM

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

updated photo album  

fyi, just updated the online album - of the trials yesterday. let the guys know when you see them - they've a very nice team shot there.
ms chua

pjc, 8:53 AM

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ASCC.. so how?

-rolls around laughing-

take care people :)
(if you dont know what im talking abt, you will soon ;) )

loi, 12:51 AM

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Monday, January 12, 2004

of study days and lucky rings  

you know how impressed i m seeing the plans u gals have in mind? GREAT that u gals are planning to play and study together - make it thru to NUS/NTU/ whichever uni together too!

re study days:
keep us updated, cause i speak for both ms wong and myself when i say we're more than willing to stay back to help out - gp/lit for me, and econs for ms wong - if we have no teaching periods during that time slot. so keep us updated.

re 'spirit-rings' (or watever we end up calling them):
definately can get them cheaper if you buy in bulk. 12 of you right? keep it cheap.. a simple silver band shouldn't be more than $6 a ring, really... have bought more intricate silver rings at that price b4. wat will cost will be the engraving.
be mindful that necklaces are not allowed so u either wear them on a loooong chain so it cant' be seen when sch uniforn is worn (n must be taken off during matches or training - safety regulations) or tie it somewhere like hp or waterbottle or watever.

just some considerations for u guys to think about. on the other hand, i think it's v symbolic of the team's unity and focus :) and will last long aft u guys graduate.

other updates:
will be giving ms wong the password and addie of this site, just to keep her in the loop. somethings you can look forward to with ms wong - floorball (AFTER the hockey tournament!) trainings and tournaments!! she's a national floorball player btw. however, she'll only be with us till june 2004, cause that's when her contract with moe ends. ms wong won't be able to make it on tues, cause she's got an appt with the docs, but you might see her for a while on the 2nd selection day (thurs issit?)

take cares ladies :)
ms chua

pjc, 8:45 PM

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Sunday, January 11, 2004


hey i think the idea of getting rings for all of us is wayy coooooool!!!!! budden 1 ring costs like, 10 bucks or so?? but i wldn't mind a teenie bit at all!! i think if we were to wear it on our fingers, it'd be confiscated in somehow? izzit even allowed in the 1st place?? -ponders- den we can engrave "Pioneer Hockey 03/04" or sth??

and i think it'd be great if we can set aside a study day together, and more study dayS after tournaments are over. team bonding. -grins- but we all gotta come to a consensus on which day. soo.. compromises.

see ya gals soon!! toodles!! -chants wif loi "semis semis semis.."- *crosses fingers + squints*

- #tiffy#

tiff, 11:41 PM

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zzz lets all be chao muggers and set aside one day to mug! muahahas. >_<
...and i mean it! and now that ms chua has mentioned it, why not we get rings? if too ex can get those cheapo $5 kinds..and can do engraving too! -jumps around excitedly- plus.. can put in many places.. finger(duh)/necklace/hp strap(?)/keychain(?) err you get my point la. new scrolly thing up there. couldnt stand the blank space you see. -_-"

alright back to mugging (ugh). and -points below below and roars- PRAY FOR GOOD GROUPING! -chants- semis semis semis..

loi, 8:48 PM

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Saturday, January 10, 2004


heya gals!!

anyways, there's no trg on mon. however, there will be selections on tues and everyone's required to go down to help out - help wif teaching the gals to dribble and all, followed by selecting the potential ones. potential meaning able to pick the skills up fast. soo.. we'll be having another day for selections, prob on thurs if i'm not wrong. i'll check wif genia agn and let you all noe how the whole program will run, yes?
meanwhile, let's all start mugging for the coming mths tt's welcoming us wif arms-wide-open. -crumples face-

- #tiffy#

tiff, 10:22 PM

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Pray for good 2004 A Div Grouping  

hi all, a little update -

me and our new teacher i/c Ms Wong will be going down to Si Ling Sec this coming wednesday (14 jan) for the A Div Tournament Briefing.

Amongst other things, the draw for groupings will be held. please pray hard (if you pray) and hope (with ALL ur heart) that the group we are placed in is advantageous to us. It's going to be one of the important factors in determining placement in the semis/finals. which is what we are aiming for this year.

meanwhile, now's the time to work on Stamina (when there's still time to do it). it will give u an added edge when playing in ANY match - if you can out-skill (?) them, at least you run them to the ground.

eu and tiffy - for physical training, vary long runs (2.4 timed runs + slow team run of the cross country guys route regularly) and interval training (stride400-1minplusresttime-stride400) --> intervals r the fastest way to improve fitness. this should be on top of ur pe lessons, and on top of skill training. Best if the team meets before or after sunil's skill training to do physical - give u gals a better idea of what it's going to feel like in a match.

yup. will keep you gals updated. happy searching for ur 'team-spirit rings' or whatever that will scare all the demons away... :) stay strong!

take good caries everyone.
ms chua

pjc, 9:15 AM

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Friday, January 09, 2004


do we have training on monday?
and hey lets get smth for the WHOLE team.. like to carry on our bag/handphone/whatever..
..you know -nudge- show some team spirit.. heh.. :)

loi, 10:22 PM

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Sunday, January 04, 2004


there's training tomorrow! (monday 5 Jan 2004)
meet at 5.30pm at the usual place yes. (outside the bb courts that area)
see you there!


pjc, 8:46 PM

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Thursday, January 01, 2004


ahhh.. the torture of receiving a 50,450,444 bytes file from tiffy. -mutter- but all is well, and we have a (drumroll please)..
a new song and a picture! the sound's a bit bad, but too bad. no web space. heh. its one moment in time, by whitney houston. lyrics here. go take a look eh, meaningful stuff. :):):)

everything courtesy of tiff and loi. -grinn-

see ya all tmr!

loi, 11:04 PM

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003


hey all,
great job on the 3rd and the team effort!
sorry couldn't stay, but very happy 4you gals.
be inspired to train even harder after this yarh?
aniway, the pics are up on the PJC hockey online album, so go have a look!
we'll try for a goalpost first ... :) one thing at a time.
if any of your parents would like to sponser attire for the team (ie, we help to publicise their company/service on our jerseys), or run a sports related shop, please let me know and i can try to work something out. we need contacts.

here's to a GREAT 2004 - have a Happy New Year :)
:) mschua :)

pjc, 8:48 AM

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wont say much, but WELL DONE EVERYONE!! :)
but dont get complacent, because..like what tiff said, we've still got a long way to go!
now lets work harder to prove we deserve the goalpost and a minipitch in place of the tennis courts!

loi, 1:13 AM

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Monday, December 29, 2003


bravo gals!! well done!! i thought today's performance was spectacular!! our combined team effort juz proved to the others tt we aren't to be trifled wif afterall.
really proud of us all, BUT remember, we've still got a long way to gooooo!!! keep pressing on gals!!

-- #tiffy#

tiff, 10:18 PM

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Saturday, December 27, 2003


well i thought today's training was very funny, even though it was kinda lethargic. hmm. and in uh, honour of our sushi eating outing today, here's nemo. they found him :)

heh heh heh. see you all on monday!

loi, 10:19 PM

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003


hello people! in true jamie style,

merrU xmas!!!

(sorry jammy!)
i just HAVE to tell you guys this. i met the sajc coach in a pub(no i did not drink)! fwahh i dont know who is more paiseh.. i wonder if he heard me scolding him. .. but i suppose he couldnt do anything because my parents were there hahahaha. (yes yes my parents brought me in not to worry i aint no clubbing girl haha)

blehh. got the shock of my life. see you all on monday! and merrU xmas again! :):):)

loi, 10:31 PM

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003


girls, pls note that the CRESCENT CARNIVAL this monday is ON.
tiff pls check your email.. you'll be in charge of this event yes?


pjc, 11:49 AM

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Sunday, December 21, 2003


new calendar! muahahas now all of you have no reason not to know abt anything anymore!

-loi the geek, at work again. -mutters-

loi, 11:18 PM

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my precious my precious! muahahas.
okay this has nothing to do with hockey, but anyone who likes legolas should go and take a look at this.

oh, and dont kill me for it.

xmas joke! what do you call people who are afraid of santa?

.. claustrophobic!
-laughs- my favourite santa joke heh heh. oh yeah, and dont be alarmed if santa doesnt come this year. apparently WHO has informed santa that Singapore might not be sars free.. so he aint coming. one of his elves told me.

hee hee hee. nightey!

loi, 4:20 AM

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Saturday, December 20, 2003


aite, here are the updates for the hockey gathering on the 22nd:

- venue hasn't been confirmed yet. faizal will get back to me tmr and i'll inform you gals agn.

- arnie's bring chicken(no idea which part of it haha), loi's bringing pasta, i'm bringing fishballs and fruits, olivia's bringing agar agar. huiying's planning games.

- dress code: juz wear anything you want. dun think you gals wld wanna wear your huuuuuge hockey tees rite? but you can if you want to lah.

gals pls do inform me asap on wat other food you all can bring yah? as you can see, we need more real food, so.. =))

- #tiffy#

tiff, 12:04 AM

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Friday, December 19, 2003


la la laa! helloo!
-squints- many things happening while i was away eh? anyway we now have a matching tagboard! (well, if it really matters heh.)
and anyways, i dont have hockey tapes, and i really doubt genia or jamie has em too (i think) BUT if you guys are really dying to watch people play hockey we can loan them from the SHF at delta there.. i dont know what procedures you gotta go thru though, i think ms chua has to get them, one of the teachers in charge at least.. dont think students are allowed to. well, at least I THINK SO la.. not very sure.

oh and about the place, if the guys are coming, might as well ask them as well whether can use right? like those guys who live in condos and all that, get them to book those "downstairs event places" if you get what i mean.. the thought of ALL the girls and guys crammed into a house is.. i dont know. squishy? heh yeah. but anything la, im cool with whatever it is, just giving my two cents worth.

see ya all on monday!

and by the way, has the music killed anyone yet? hee hee hee..

loi, 6:06 PM

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last resort - ms chua's house!  

pai seh pai seh, just now post already never leave name. it's me anyway. ;)
ms chua :)

pjc, 8:38 AM

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last resort  

hi everyone, last resort - everyone can come over to my place... it's pretty near tab's house. @ toh yi drive (v near bukit timah market, bukit timah cc, can walk from KAP)

a few problems though:
first - my TV is only like 30cm wide! (so gotta bring binoculars if you all wanna watch hockey matches!)
second - TV's in the study room, which is really q smallish - fit max 8 pple n its gonna be a squeeze at that.
another possible prob - it's not a bunglalow. haha. it's a 5 rm hdb (read: if you all wan a big house w garden and pool when u're older just don't become teachers hor!).

good points - got void deck lah. also got 2 playgrounds downstairs. the living and dining areas combined are pretty big. so if you all wanna play games (not the running around madly type though) or gift exchange, there's actually space - at most you guys spill into the toilet lor! bo pian.... ;P

if you want a pool, perhaps we could pop over to marcel's for a dip and shower as well!! muahahha!! (it's a short 10 -15 min jog.. so we get all nice n warmed up before the swim!) ;)

so you gals decide and let me know soon yeah? btw, who is supposed to invite mdm khoo? and where's my invitation card! *thick skinned muahahahah*

tiff can update me thru sms - faster. then i can tell my mum to stay out of the house on the 22nd night if you all need to go berserk!

pjc, 8:37 AM

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Thursday, December 18, 2003


ok gals, dis is really impt.
i need to noe who's place is available on the nite of 22nd, from abt 6-11 or so? it's for the hockey gathering and we'll be having potluck. tab's place can't be used cos she won't be able to make it for the gathering, and i tried marcel's place. apparantly it's booked so i really need someone who can provide us a venue. if not, we'd have to resort to asking the guys. mmph. i need all you gals to chip in by bringing food along, so i'll need to noe wat contributions you gals can make. the guys will be getting drinks. anything else you gals can suggest the guys can do??

do inform me asap?? thank you gals so much!!

- #tiffy#

tiff, 10:30 PM

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003


jeepers creepers!! the song is starting to drive me nutsy!!
oh well, helloooo one and all!!

muahas.. jamie, dun worry. we'll make sure we won't hold you back from killing whoever who took your stick. i reckon mrs wee took it.
hmmm.. -ponders-

i've been eating non-stop over the past consecutive days but yes, gals pls do try training on your own to keep your fitness level up there? mean like, no point having our fitness level plunge agn after much picking up from the last couple of wks. remember, we've got a loooonng way to go. so, do go run on your own if possible. i wldn't mind having self-trgs actually, but i guess it'll be pretty tuff? well it's up to wat our capt says. genia?? =p

pls do remember tt on the 22nd, we'll be having a team dinner. it'll be a potluck thingy, so if possible, can you gals tell me wat are the diff food you all can bring? i tried getting tab to ask if we cld use her place, but she didn't get back to me though. i'll keep you all informed agn yah??
and btw, genia/loi/jamie, have you got hockey tapes? like for us to watch during dinner? cos it was brought up as a suggestion earlier on and we do need it.

- #tiffy

tiff, 8:37 PM

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HArloe haha i finalli got in2 this dam thing after much trial and error. Pioneerhockey, Pioneer_hockey blah blah blah haha. Hmmzm..can we haf our own trainings during this break? coz Im Dead bored n oh yes, ive lost my stick AGAIN. PPle if u see an orange Grays stick please please tell me. N if YOU took it, im gonna Kill u.


pjc, 1:14 AM

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003


hihi i'm here blogging!! hohoho.
girls, i hope you all know there's no game tmr yes?
just a reminder. heheh.


pjc, 4:37 PM

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hi. as everyone can see, NO ONE is blogging again. -sighs-
so, i shall blog. yay.
good luck to the girls having the re exams now! eugenia, jamie and marcel yes? goooood luck!
-thumps them hard on the back-


-chants- we shall all maintain fitness during this break.

okay, i need to pee. see you guys real soon! :):):)
and ANYONE who doesnt know how to get into the system and blog.. please msg me eugenia or tiffy on How To Blog On Blogger.

loi, 12:50 AM

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Sunday, December 14, 2003


3 cheers to loi once agn for the lovely and well-made pics!!
niceeee ritey???
thank God for loi man!!

- #tiffy#

tiff, 6:32 PM

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new picture. i have too much time. -mutters-

merrU xmas people :)

loi, 6:30 PM

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hahahha... check out the song people! happy tree friends.. to the max. LOL. of course, if you get too sick of the song, there's always the stop button on top.. heh heh..

enjoy :)
(song exclusively brought to you by tiffy and loi)

loi, 4:06 PM

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hey gals, i juz uploaded the hockey pics. can go view it when you're free.

--> http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4288502755

- #tiffy#

tiff, 3:47 PM

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helloooo gals!! hope you've all recovered from yesterday's game.
am really really proud of us all!!
love you gals!!! -schhmuuaackss-

- #tiffy#

tiff, 3:00 PM

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good game yesterday people!!!! :):):)

loi, 2:07 PM

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Thursday, December 11, 2003


the teacher in charge on sat is Mr Yap Lok Hun.
issit that econs mr yap?

nw the time of our game this sat has been changed to 9-10
(let the guys wake up earlier)
so be down by 8.30am.

and tiff: cld you send me joyce's hp number pls? thanks


pjc, 3:51 PM

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003


OKAY i just had this really stupid thought. i wonder if mr yap will flip if we call him uncle yap.. hehehehhehehe.... but quite rude eh.. ah well.. heh

loi, 11:52 PM

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hhahahahahha...mr yap teaches econs.. i thought he left the school already..hmm. guess not. anyway he runs really fast(for a teacher) and when he lectures he sounds awfully shy heh heh. but yeah. nice guy la. i INSIST everyone must see the video hehehheh. yeah, and merrU xmas everyone..

shall we have a gift exchange thingo?

loi, 11:48 PM

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LOL!! LOIIII!! the video's hilarious!! bush REALLY looks as though he was singing! plus his facial expressions and all. not so much for blair though. BAHAHAHA..

eugenia: yeppers.. i managed to drag joyce along for tmr's trg as well as sat's game. muahas..
anyways, who's tt mr yap guy coming along?? -ponders hard- nv heard of him before, but oh well. hope sat's game will be good!!
it's a pity we won't be having tt friendly on the 17th, but at least it's a blessing in disguise - loi wldn't have been able to play for us, so thank goodness!

did you guys check out the x'mas greeting card at HTF site?? you oughta. muahas..

tmr's coming!! see ya'll!! merrU christmas!!

- #tiffy#

tiff, 10:27 PM

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added more links. if you're really bored like me go take a look. red vs blue is like another happy tree friends kinda thing. i think.
but yes, ANYONE who knows bush and blair and the song endless love should go take a look at THIS(click!) go download the video!!! im serious its damn funny heh heh. AND i guarantee you'll never look at them the same way again. :)


see ya all tmr! :):):)

loi, 2:30 PM

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dear one and all.
yes uncle sunil will be coming down for thur's trng. (yays)

but sunil (i almost typed snail) won't be coming down for the game on sat. neither wld ms chua, nor mdm khoo.
mr yap dunno wad wad will be coming down instead. so don't be alarmed if you see him there on sat.

tiff: YES! drag joyce along!! she MUST come ok!!! =))) is she coming for thurday's trng?

and BAD news. well not really.
since we're having a game with SA this sat, the one on the 17th has been cancelled.
but i'm fine with that. i mean, we still have a game after all.

marcel, update rhino on the stuff you read on this blog yes?

see you girls on thuRsday!


pjc, 11:47 AM

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i am not little. and even if i am a geek, i am a cool geek. so there.

-smirks- hee hee hee.

loi, 1:06 AM

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Tuesday, December 09, 2003


-roars- dadada..
okie "little" -scratches head- loi, i gotta get the url for the file first so gimme some time yes?? =p
and yessiree, thanks to loi tt we've got dis funkeh hockey blog going! i bet the other CCAs DUN own one, so we rock. muahas..

OH YESSSSS!!!! i'm SO looking forward to sat's friendly. -beams- am i supposed to ask joyce along? hmmm..

oh wells, will uncle sunil be coming down for thurs' trg?? i hope soo.. den we can do more of tt "move sideways" thingy once agn!!


- #tiffy#

tiff, 11:40 PM

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... i thought SOMEONE said we're not to talk bad about each other? -glares-
hahahahaha. be thankful im a geek okay! at least im a.. uh.. funky geek! without me you wont have this funky blog okay! -hummph-

anyway eugenia, if im a geek, then you're a nerd.. since im your "cousin" and geeks are cousins of nerds so.. muahahahaha!

:):):) cant wait for saturday whoohoo :):):)

loi, 9:16 PM

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HELLO DARLINGS! i'm in suCHA gooooood mood!! haha.
YYESS! trng yesterday was definitely a blast!
EVERY trng shld be filled with such enthusiasm & energy!!
oh yah,
loi is a ge-ek
loi is a ge-ek
loi is a ge-ek
loi is a ge-ek
loi is a ge-ek
loi is a ge-ek
yah this sat's friendly game is confirmed!!!

this sat game is from 8-10am.
will tell you girls again what time to meet and all.
oh and loi, the song is coooool!
(but you're still a, G E E K!) lol


pjc, 5:58 PM

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hey tiffywiffy(?) heh heh i left the code for the music in the template already ya. but my own music is in there so just copy the url over. if you have no where to upload the music to try webpost but you gotta compress the file and all that ya. make sure the file's relatively small. go to er programs->accessories->entertainment->sound recorder.. and er. okay actually i'll tell you on msn if you dont know la. i feel like a geek hahahahha. (shut up eguana) and make sure its in .wav format ya. by the way the song now is flying blind/smokescreen -grins- nice song, but the quality's really bad. hehh.

seeya all on thurs!

loi, 3:52 PM

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-scratches head-
i have the cd.. was mad about her last year when like i think 35 people in singapore knew about her so i was running around singapore looking for her cd. but its nice, anyway.
i think uncle sunil must have thought we were over the top yesterday hahaha. but the sideways thingo was really funny! hehehe. okayy. -bounces- is the pitch on saturday confirmed? arhh little eueu dont break my heart and tell me no okay.

bye guys! and by the way arnie i am NOT little loi! -mutters- >_<

loi, 10:14 AM

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fly away - corrinne may  

my latest obsession -- check this website out .... http://www.corrinnemay.com
i love the song 'fly away' you can listen to the songs on the website itself, but you can't down load. its got beautiful lyrics.
cheers, ms chua

pjc, 12:16 AM

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fly away  

whoar!! my first post! whoar!! anyway, this is really cool *suah ku excitment*
LOI!! i love the pics!! (the ones on the side)

cause some pple are asking: link to online photo album is- http://sg.homeunix.com/steph (go to PJC -> Hockey)
trigger happy me will take more photos to upload in the coming months! heh. so better train harder and look *ooh lala* i SERIOUSLY think huiying and jamie look very chioh. but then again, it could be the skill of the photographer.... :) heh.

HAPPY HOLS everyone!!!
(and to poor souls who have to take the re, study hard and play harder after!!)

ms chua :)

pjc, 12:12 AM

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Monday, December 08, 2003


trng this thursday. same time. be down at 8.30am.

pjc, 2:41 PM

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Sunday, December 07, 2003


i want my pitch!!!!!!!!!!!

:( :( :(

loi, 1:09 AM

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yeah sorry girls. communication breakdown. yeah.
so trng's gonna be in sch!
8.30 as usual.

and i see we have a visitor among us! lol



pjc, 12:02 AM

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Saturday, December 06, 2003


yes yes loi, the gals are back so you wont' have to keep looking at humble me. muahas..
anyways, there won't be pitch trg on monday.
wat eugenia found out was tt the friendly we had wif SNG was our pitch day, as in we were the ones who booked the pitch. SO, tt was our only pitch trg for the month, unless the friendly wif SAJC on the 17th is still on. yeshh.. -mutters- i noe how all you guys abhor dis but, sighh. so trg will be held in sch, same time 8.30.
dun worry, we can still trash the guys yes?? -smirks-

hello shahul!!

loii, it ain't x'mas yet ya noe.. i'll give you my list of wants on monday kies?? =p

-- #tiffy#

tiff, 11:56 PM

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i dont blog ALL of you dont blog already -sighs-
anyway is this very surreal and hiiii er shahul are you still pissed me (?)
tee hee hee at least the bug eaten obs girls are back
YAYY more girls for training and i dont have to keep looking at tiffy(hahaha, joking)
pitch on monday! we do right..(?) can somebody confirm the time pretty please
and oh yes if sunil makes us play with the guys we must try to beat them ok! :)) girl power!!! -roars-
and remember to call sunil uncle sunil yes. -grins-

i am in pain.
and how come i have this feeling i ramble alot?
but yes. please blogggg. :)

merry xmas! -roars- ho ho ho!

loi, 10:20 PM

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003


heyaa to all!!
i'm still aching mon's game. =but anyhows, think we got off to a good start. i agree wif loi's comments, think we're all starting to pick up and all. guess the only prob's our stamina, cos we were all how beat after those couple of games? sheesh.. i'm juz hoping everyone comes down for trg more often so we can really click as a team? like, communication wise on the pitch, knowing each's others' moves and all as well as team bonding.

loi, you mean santa claus actually had a wife??? -ruminates-
(yesssss loiiiii, maybe you cld lemme try those shoes some day huh??)

aite, see ya all tmr morning!! *yawns*

-- #tiffy#

tiff, 8:37 PM

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yah trng is 8.30am to 11am.


pjc, 4:46 PM

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hello hello hello
i thought the game yesterday was.. good considering we didnt get thrashed and all that..
kudos to JOYCE ! (joys? heh heh) i thought she did a fantastic job.. and i think EVERYONE improved!
tiff's receiving is alotalotalot better :) and rhino and marcel are more er whats that word, more enthu(?) in the game too! AIYA you get what i mean :) but i apologise for my scrappy work -bows- i promise i'll do better next time!!

eh eugenia i think we need more physicals as much as i dont want it hehehehe.

is thurs training 830 to 1100 as usual? (?!?!?)

and yes, since xmas is coming, i have a question for you guys!
what is santa claus' wife's name?

tell you guys during training hahaha! byebye! (and tiff, the shoes are really yummy hee hee)

loi, 12:48 AM

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003


hey girls... so how did you all find yesterday's friendly match??

well, for me, i think we did a pretty good n clean job in holding back the st nic girls..
(though i died really fast..)
and scored too! 3 cheers for the forwards! ;)
and the defence!
and mids! ok, everyone.
quite a good start.
keep up the hardwork!

cya on thursday. trng in sch.

pjc, 10:05 PM

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Sunday, November 30, 2003


no no noooooo i dont want her to come along! ahahha.. okay KIDDING! of course we'll welcome her! -bounces around- :) see ya all tmr! heyy you all go see smth Really Interesting if you're bored. -snorts- bye guys! -bounces off-

loi, 10:19 PM

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hey, we're meeting 2.45 at JP's breadtalk.
leaving at 3pm.
girls going there yourselves, take bus 199 from the interchange. i'll assume you know which bus stop to drop at.
see ya!

we should be going for dinner after that. so bring a change of clothes and stuff.
tiff ask joyce along for dinner too if possible. :)


pjc, 9:40 PM

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yayy!! now tt everyone knows abt dis bloggie, we've gotta tell them the username and blah. forgot to do tt. =x

anyways, i spoke to ms chua abt letting joyce(tt stc player) come down for our trgs and she asked joyce down tmr. so.. you guys alright wif tt??

-- #tiffy#

tiff, 2:04 PM

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Saturday, November 29, 2003


okayyyy :)
so exciting! everyone's using it now!! :))))

loi, 6:24 PM

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the morning trng on monday is no longer on.
so just go for the one in the afternoon yes?


pjc, 5:27 PM

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updates on monday (1st Dec) trng

venue: NTU/NIE pitch

time: 4-6pm (be down by 3.30pm)

things to bring:
white hockey shirt
black socks
shin guards
water bottle
hockey stick (duh)
hockey ball (you all did take back a hockey ball each last time right? bring it!)

pls note: shin guard's a MUST.

another thing: jamie, you don't have to bring the goalie bag down for this pitch trng.

pls do turn up for this pitch trng. it's a rare opportunity. oh yah, we'll be having a friendly match too!

i will update again if there are any changes. and think we shld be meeting somewhere first before going to ntu. will update again.


pjc, 11:54 AM

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Friday, November 28, 2003


hahaha okayyy. how abt we go inform the rest abt this thingo? mm. ey eugenia go send your sms chain mail again ah! with the passwords and user and all.. !! :) :) hee hee. my mummy taught me how to play mahjong todayy! sheesh. yadayada. im boredd. -yawns-

loi, 10:16 PM

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ok so it's just the 3 of use merry-go-rounding this blog right. hahhaa...

yes listen up!
trng this monday 1 dec 2003
be down arnd 8.30am. ends at 11am.
sunil should be down.
any chances i'll inform you guys again.


pjc, 2:05 PM

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uhh.. tiff? didnt you tell the rest abt it? haha.. i told eu.. thats abt it.. LOL.. anyway im bored. -bounces- is sunil coming on monday's trng?

loi, 11:25 AM

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Thursday, November 27, 2003


izzit only the 3 of us who know abt dis blog??? sheesh.. i've been stuffing myself wif food nowadays. waaahh.. noe, i'm like wondering how many ppl are gonna turn up for the next trg.. mm..

-- #tiffy#

tiff, 11:56 PM

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...-WHACKS- thanks arh you little eguana. -glares- anyway why is only three people blogging.. ... -whines-

loi, 10:28 PM

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yeah loi.. you ARE a net geek/freak wat!
lol.... k i sense a whack.


pjc, 9:54 AM

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003


awww you're making me blush -blushes- ahaha now i feel like a net geek -_____-" loi the geek. sounds nice. mmm.

loi, 9:22 PM

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ohmygosh. this is way cool! ladeeda!

yay then i can post hockey stuff up here too! like a notice board. hahaha.

credits to loi! 3 cheers. =)


pjc, 6:12 PM

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003


-bows- thank you thank you. ahaha :) after this whole affair i feel quite traumatised, so it would be helluva good if EVERYONE blogs. and please ah, click post&publish, not just "post" .. yeps. im outta here.

there's training tmr. please pray for my rebonded hair (bimbo alert....!!! )

ahaha. but wo bu shi yi ge bimbo. so there. :)


loi, 11:48 PM

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now tt we've got dis thingy working, i can't wait to see who's gonna be using it occasionally. heh
trg tmr!!! yipeee!!!
gotta tell all the other gals abt dis blog we've got.
cheers to loi for setting it up!!

-- #tiffy#

tiff, 11:43 PM

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loi, 11:38 PM

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how come now got title eh?

pjc, 11:19 PM

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pjc, 11:19 PM

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pjc, 11:02 PM

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